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Protocol 19 ~ Season 3 Episode 1

Host unavailable. This Society of Arozea broadcast has been generated automatically.
It contains:

  • The Story of Bluesman Jimmy “Devilhands” Thornton
  • Fracking Leads to Previously Undocumented Medical Conditions
  • Scientists Discover Massive Underground Ocean
  • The Last Contact from Research Team Looking for Lost City of Z

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Lost City of Z – Manuscript 512

We will be following the progress of a research team headed into the Brazilian jungle during the coming weeks. We bring you an English translation of a manuscript from a Portuguese expedition into the Amazon interior in 1743, titled Manuscript 512. This is the first documentation of the strange and ancient city.


Where’s William?

Mysterious broadcast interruptions during season 2, now Season 3 is quickly approaching, and our host? Still missing!

The only clue: A threat in the form of a broadcast interruption and the cold-blooded murder of beloved pet fish Charlie.

Clearly William is on the run from these unknown adversaries. We hope he is alright wherever he is, and we hope he gets in touch before using the backup systems is necessary.