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While on the surface The Society of Arozea appears to be a contemporary organization begun by a family of creative eccentrics, its roots can be traced to the very beginnings of human civilization.

Wherever you find rebels bringing to light secrets that the powerful kill to keep hidden in the shadows, wherever you find outsiders mocking and subverting The Authority, wherever you find folks who have eschewed the trappings of the dominant paradigm and its soulless conformity, wherever you find those with uncompromising ideals that haven’t arisen from self-serving dogmatism, wherever you find true critical thinkers who can distinguish fact from fiction, yet truly understand the value of both, it is there that you have found members of The Society.


 The True Society


A diligent researcher with the ability to connect the dots, will have found references to The Society throughout history, but in so doing will have realized The Society's greatest truth:

The Society that can be named is not the True Society.

Countless members have been martyred in the cause of truth and righteousness, they have never exposed the ultimate foundations and reach of The Society.

For every member who provides a public face or voice for The Society, there are an incalculable number of researchers, culture creators, programmers, organizers, satirists, monkey wrenchers, identity correctors, underdogs, and others who refuse to obey The Authority and its normalization of the truly inhuman.

Yes, true Society members know that the ONE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH is the development of that humanity.


The Fundamental Truth


There are only two competing forces at work in our collective consciousness: creation and destruction. This truth represents our entire history as a species. The Authority and its string pullers use abstractions such as “good and evil” and “right and wrong” in an attempt to obscure this fundamental truth. They sow chaos and terror so that we lose sight of the truth that they are the embodiment of this essential destructive force.

We do not stop those who would destroy our world with more destruction and chaos, rather, we create a world which renders those destructive forces impotent.

Historically, members of The Society have infiltrated nearly every secret society that has existed, ironically discovering them to be little boys clubs filled with impotent little boys compensating for their lack of true creative potency with brutish, destructive games of power.

At times throughout the millennia it has appeared that The Society has been overwhelmed by The Authority and has disappeared into obscurity. Ironically however, these periods are when The Authority finds itself at its most vulnerable. Now happens to be one of those times.
Society members, keep creating our world!