A Moment of Tranquility

It was wonderful to be out of the city and back in our beautiful jungle. The next two days we worked on organizing our new supplies and improving our camp. Finally we had our camp set up perfectly, we were glamping! The chooks were happy to see us after two weeks of fending for themselves. They're always good for some entertainment. 

We were happy, comfortable and ready to start building prep the next day. It was a call for celebration, good thing we'd brought some beer and wine back from Suva! We had some drinks and cooked up a big pot of chili. 

One reason we make such a successful couple is that it only takes the two of us to have a party. I realized then that when Samantha's in the right mood she is the most hilarious person I've ever known. That was an epiphany. The person I care for the most, and am spending my life with happens to be the person who truly understands how to destroy me with laughter.

I had never laughed so hard in my life. You hear about perfectly healthy people having a rupture or something and just up and dying. I was laughing so hard I absolutely lost control of my body and while rolling on ground and almost wetting myself. I realized at that moment that it is literally possible to laugh to death. I had to let Sam know that she was potentially killing me so she continued with even more enthusiasm. 

We went to bed happy and content, and a bit late. 

That was about the last  sense of normalcy we've felt.

Samantha Chappell