Relax Day


Day 5 - 12/13
The next morning we woke up to sunshine and water in our tank. Our hopes were up that we wouldn't have to buy more emergency water. We decided to take a day to relax, kick back and getting a feel for our land and trees now that we could see it well. We had a very pleasant surprise as Lewai showed up with two big plates of food cooked by his wife, Vas.  It was two big fish steaks, noodles, and a plate of yummy coconut buns. He's walked about an hour from the village to bring them to us but insisted that it was nothing. He also offered to loan us a cook stove until we could buy one. What an awesome family! It turns out that Lewai plays guitar, and we had an impromptu jam session. Not what I was expecting to happen that day. We took some video of him playing a famous Fijian song. 

We took another walk around the block. We were very upset to find that one of the babies had fallen out of the kingfisher nest. We tried to add a few sticks to hold the babies in, but I was still afraid that they wouldn't be warm or safe from rain with a big hole in the nest. We felt guilty as it was we who'd invited people into their environment. We also decided to have a chat with the boy and be sure that everyone working on our land in the future know we have a “hands off” policy on any wildlife on our land. 

We discovered that a fallen tree makes a great bench right in our favorite area, overlooking the “four mothers”, four big, beautiful ivi trees that grow in a circle.


We also discovered that there is a natural terracing that occurs at the top corner of our land that makes a fairly level place to put the water catchment, kitchen, and the first of our cabins. We talked about building possibilities. 

We also learned that we need to be careful about listening to people about what wild foods there are here. The bele plant has some berries on it that Joelli was saying you could boil up and add to stew or whatever, so we had collected a bunch of them. Luckily Mike asked Lewai about them to double check. He said, “Those will do bad things to your life.” 

We had another visitor, Hwei-Ying was on her Sunday walk and decided to come and check on us. We chatted for a bit and she invited us to join her. We declined as we'd already dedicated the day to being lazy. We relaxed, Mike played some music, and we had a nice fire and meal before bed.

Samantha Chappell