Plans, Progress, & Rocky's Sacrifice


It's been nice having the time to put more effort into our block. Laural gave us a bunch of ornamental cuttings and some stuff for the garden. Our neighbors across the way, Alex and Isa, offered to let us have a couple of lemongrass cuttings too, they are supposed to help keep the mozzies away. It's great having cool neighbors! Now we have several banana trees in the ground and we're working on adding some color and design to some of the special spaces around the land. Things are transforming.

We've been doing drawing, planning, and staking out our beginning building areas. We have the spaces figured out but we need to make some more calculations to get our building plan together. Lewai has been a big help clearing and cleaning the building site. 

We've started on the driveway this week. At first it looked like we would have to get some machinery out to move the wall of dirt at the top of the hill. Lucky for us the soil is fairly soft and it was difficult, but possible to move by hand. Just when it looked like it wouldn't be too much work, Mike discovered a big boulder in the ground and under that a big log. It was a hard job digging them out and moving them out of the way. 

After the addition of another rooster to our chook family, the constant rooster "roll calls" throughout the day, and the very early wake up calls made us decide to take some action. The bush chickens aren't native and there are an over abundance of roosters, so the natural sounds of he jungle are disturbed. We figured thinning the roosters wouldn't hurt and that rooster stew might make the menu this week. Lewai made a couple of traps near the camp and we waited to see what happened.

Sadly, Rocky was the first to get caught. Samantha learned a lesson about getting too attached to possible "food". She wasn't happy about it but had to admit that the roosters are a nuisance. So, Rocky was dinner that night. Lewai helped prepare the meat and kept half for his family. Rooster meat isn't the best but it was fine for soup.

We were still woken up at about 4am to the sounds of the remaining dozen or more roosters in the area.

Samantha Chappell