Is This Reality?

Lately I've been feeling like we're on a reality TV show. I'm sitting here tending the fire to cook cassava, the local root vegetable. We're in the middle of the South Pacific on a small tropical island, in a camp we've spent several weeks working on, and out of the blue I get a message saying that my birth mother is trying to get in touch with me. I've known I was adopted since I can remember but I never really thought I'd meet my birth-family.

Well, we did get in touch. I had a long conversation with a complete stranger who happens to be my birth mother. I have several half-sisters and brother who have known about me for their whole lives. They've celebrated my birthdays and wanted to meet me for decades. Sitting here right now several days later it still feels like it's happening to someone else. And to add to the sense of unreality, yesterday we had a long video call with a Producer from LA about documenting our story of living "off-grid" in Fiji. Since that was our second conversation we figure it is quite likely that our story will appear on television at some point. 

I'm so happy that we've been willing to follow our story to wherever it's lead us over the years. I think I can say that it's a story I'd be interested in if it did happen to be about someone else. What is the story arc that's brought us to this point? Maybe that question can keep for the moment.

Samantha Chappell