Chooks & Chainsaws


I've been talking about catching one of the bush chickens for dinner at some point and it appears that now I have an open opportunity, although I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. We've been adopted by what's now a small chicken family. When they first started hanging around there was a hen, her seven chicks and a rooster stalking around in the background.

A couple days later a feral cat got five of the chicks in one afternoon. Several days later the two remaining chicks are bigger, there's been no sign of the cat, and they're acting pretty much like they own the place. Well, Rocky (the rooster) still runs for it when he knows you're looking at him. 

They're actually great to have around because they eat all the organic scraps as we throw them out. Unfortunately they scrape all the mulch off the ground as well, which potentially opens up the soil to erosion. 

We've gotten a long way toward having an overall plan for the property. This week we had a crew of Lewai and his brothers come and chop down some trees in the area where we'll build and garden. They didn't do that great of a job. They had too small of a chainsaw, took out a couple of trees we wanted to keep, left one big one halfway chopped down by the road which we didn't ask them to cut down, and didn't clean up. They also charged more than other people for the job. 

We should have drawings of the overall layout of the land as well as details of the first structures. Maybe I'll have further processed the bizarre revelation of reconnecting with my birth family, and having our story documented for posterity.

Samantha Chappell