Camping - Day 2


Our Block – Day 2 - 12/11
We didn't sleep too well the first night. The ground was hard and we felt like we were sliding down slope the whole night. We obviously hadn't leveled the ground as much as we thought we had. When we were younger we could just throw a couple of blankets on the ground and sleep soundly, but nowadays a tent and a sleeping bag between us and the bare ground is way too little for a good night's sleep. 

Making a comfortable bed became priority one. Luckily for us we had a visitor. Laurel had called her caretaker Lewai and asked him to meet with us as we were looking for some help. Here he was, ready for a day of work. We weren't sure what we needed first so it took us a bit of time to get mentally organized, we're not used to having hired help. The great thing is that because the cost of living here is so cheap, a day's work from a local only costs about $12.50usd. First we tried showing him the boundaries of our land, but we couldn't find one of the corner pegs at the bottom. Oh well, we'd worry about that later! So, we put him to work gathering grass to put under our hard bed and then build a latrine. 

It was great having the help. Lewai is friendly and has a laid back personality, a subtle sense of humor, and we became fast friends. It appears that he may be the guy we need to teach us about life out here in the jungle. He's got a depth of knowledge and a lot of good ideas about how to 'smooth' it rather than rough it. 

We also made a path to our emergency water tank that is on the opposite side of our block. It's quite a trek there through our heavy jungle. Mike was much better prepared for the fire and got it going fairly quickly.

We had a dish of foraged wild spinach called "bele sikaou”, green mango, and rice. Bele is an amazing resource, it grows all over, it tastes great, and is obviously quite nutritious. So, we've got a source of greens secured, and that's a huge relief. Fruit and greens appears to be covered. Now we just need a source of starch and protein and we'll be set. We got to bed at a decent hour hoping for a more comfortable rest with our new grass “mattress”.

Samantha Chappell