11/18- 11/21 Nimbin
After we left Geoffrey's place we headed to the nearby town of Nimbin, famous as being Australia's counter-culture capital. 


It's been on my list of places to visit since I was about 15 and came across an article about it in High Times magazine. Let me put it this way, it wasn't disappointing! It's truly a one-of-a-kind place. There were buskers and jugglers on the street a little farmers' market with live music and several small unique shops up and down the little main street. We stayed at a 23 acre permaculture farm a ways out of town with a lovely, knowledgeable woman named Pam.


There was another WWOOFer there from Italy named Eros, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. It's too bad we only had a few days to spend there. The land was by far the most well-designed that we've seen up to now, but not set up to be commercial. 


Some of the best features were the design for water catchment with a large pond at the top of the property and a smaller pond at the home. Much of the land is bamboo forest. When Pam was giving us a tour she mentioned that it's great for property maintenance, and when we entered the forest it became clear how. The massive amount of leaf litter creates its own mulch and ground cover, smothering out most of the weeds and leaving what pops up easy to spot and pluck out. It creates a peaceful and unique, meditative place to wander.


She used a lot of salvaged lumber for construction and every toilet was a composting toilet. She got in on a government program for solar power, so she's gotten refunds for much of the costs of installation of her photo-voltaic array and is able to sell power back into the grid at a great rate.

The place was peaceful and inspiring. We sat out at night and stared up at a nearly unrecognizable southern hemisphere sky with huge owls occasionally flying overhead, and bandicoots rustling around and startling the hell out of us, and an accompanying symphony of cicadas. So we started naming the constellations ourselves. There was definitely a song in that!

Samantha Chappell