Lovo Time


12/04 Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort
Today was Friday, and we decided to stick around the resort and get a bunch of computer work (including this journal) done at the resort's little 'power station'. Unfortunately we didn't get much done. Arthur was also using his computer at the same place and we ended up talking and getting to know each other, so before we knew it dinner time had arrived.
We'd been invited to our first 'lovo' which is a Fijian barbecue. Here at the resort they do an annual lovo for the staff and their family. The food was tasty, but there was so much meat and we're not big carnivores! Luckily we're not vegetarians. There was Chicken, ham, pork, and some huge chunks of taro root and coleslaw. We washed it down with Tang or something resembling it.


It was a good time hanging out with the locals like flies on the wall. They laugh a lot and talk really fast. I suspect it's going to be difficult to learn some of the language. We drank another few bowls of kava, and it really doesn't have the intoxicating effect that we've heard some Aussies talk about so harshly. It isn't nearly as strong as alcohol, just a mild relaxing effect. If kava is the worst of Fiji's cultural ills, I'd say they're in pretty damn good shape. Well, we've heard that the kava here isn't nearly as strong as the kava in Vanuatu, so maybe I'm speaking too soon. When we headed off to bed the party was still going strong, and maybe the 'grog' got stronger too -who knows.

Samantha Chappell