11/15- 11/17 Lismore
We were off on the train the next morning at the reasonable hour of 9:30am heading to Lismore. We made a transfer to a bus in a small town called Casino where we were hit with torrential rain.

It felt like a typhoon with the trees swaying and buckets of rain pouring down. We arrive in Lismore at about 8:00pm. Our couch-surfing host Geoffrey was only about 10 minutes out of town, and was going to pick us up, but couldn't risk going out in that kind of weather. Eventually, the rain eased off and he came to get us, but by the time we made it back, the run-off from the surrounding hills meant the road was covered with water to about 2 feet deep in places. So we couldn't get back out to his place. We decided to sit on the side of the road and see if the flooding would subside. We watched a show on 'bush-tucker' (wild food of Autralia) on our laptop. We tried the road again at about midnight and luckily it was passable.

It's always strange heading out to a completely unknown place with complete strangers, but that's part of the adventure! We've had great experiences so far, and Geoffrey's no different. However, there's often a moment when you think of the possibility for a complete disaster.


The next morning we discovered that it's a nice farmhouse out in a quant little valley. Geoffrey's got a business in the works called 'Many Busy Hands' that will help folks find work under the Australian 'holiday work' Visa program. Sounds like a great idea, and I'm sure it'll be successful once it's launched.

Samantha Chappell