Last Two Days at the Resort


12/06 Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort
Today we found out that it takes one hour to walk straight to our land. We spent the day out there getting our shelter in order and beginning our education on jungle 'bush-craft'.

 It rained some more so we got to see how the tarp shelter will hold up and shed water. We've camped a lot over the years, but there's a long learning curve to making a comfortable long term camp in the jungle. That's where we begin in only a few short days. Tomorrow we'll just hang around and try to get this journal up to date on the web, prepare our supplies and hopefully figure out how were going to have water for washing and drinking.

12/08 A Visit to the Village


This morning we took a walk to the CBD, or downtown business center of the nearest village. On our way we passed a small group of feral pigs wandering around in the jungle. They were actually quit cute but we were a bit leery of them as they've been known to bite.
We found that the local market has a few supplies, mostly basics like rice, flour, canned meats, and a few household supplies. The people were very friendly and welcoming.

Tomorrow's the day when we begin to test our mettle against the Koro wilderness.

Ok, I guess it's not total Robinson Crusoe. We have a neighbor close by, and the resort is less than an hour's walk down the hill. The nearest market, which only has a few supplies, is another half hour from there and the clinic is on the other side of the island. Everything else though is a 12 hour ferry ride (or small plane ride if we absolutely had to sacrifice the money) or more.

This afternoon I've had some kind of stomach issue and spent most of the afternoon on the toilet. Not a good way to start this thing. The food at the resort yesterday was all deep fried except for a bit of coleslaw, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. I'm hoping for a nice salad for dinner tonight.

Samantha Chappell