Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort


12/02 Koro Island, Dere Bay Resort
After a 40 minute truck ride up the west coast, we spent our first day mostly recovering in a comfy bed under the mosquito net. We get a free week's stay at the resort here because it's the same company we bought the property from.

We managed to get ourselves into the water to try out our snorkels. Snorkels are required if you're spending any amount of time on an island like this. There is some amazing sea life right off the peer.

We ran into a retired Aussie couple named Arthur and Marien who are in the early stages of building a home on their property. They are great conversationalists and easy-going, like just about every Aussie we've met. We met a bunch of the locals, and there seem to be quite a cast of characters. We also met Litia, the woman who we hired to put in a water catchment system. Given that we're going to be way out in the middle of nowhere, it sure would have been nice to have a few hundred gallons of water waiting for us. But it's Fiji, and she hadn't even started the project until the day before we arrived.

After a week in Fiji, the thing that's struck me the most about the people is how quick they are with a smile and a 'Bula'!, and how full and easy their laugh is. People here are unreserved in their enjoyment of the moment. I really hope that rubs off on me!

Samantha Chappell