Farewell Taiwan!


Well, we've said goodbye to Taiwan.  

I finished up the last two shows of my Taiwan tour last weekend. My last performance was very unique as it fell on the night of The Mid Autumn Moon Festival, and there was an approaching typhoon. I was lucky to have my friend and bandmate How Wei accompany me. We played among fireworks and strong winds. After that I enjoyed a late night Moon Festival BBQ with some of my Taiwanese friends, coincidentally the same group I had my first Moon Festival with 6 years ago.


We spend the night on a little bed surrounded by hanging guitars and equipment at my musical home here in Taiwan called "Butterfly Crys". This is the place where I met my band Chen Mo about 6 years ago, so it holds a lot of history for me.

The next morning we got stuck in a transportation nightmare as the holiday rush mixed with the typhoon that was hitting the island. We spend hours waiting for a bus and hours riding home through the typhoon. This left us with only 2 days to prepare for the trip. We scrambled to figure out how to fit a years worth of supplies into three bags and one guitar case. It wasn't easy!

We spend our last night eating some awesome pizza at Sandro's, one of the few places in Taiwan where you can get authentic Italian food. We gave big hugs to our son Willie and lots of petting to our dog and two cats, who we won't see for about a year.


After getting about two hours of sleep we hit the road bright and early to catch our plane. As always the Taoyuan airport was a breeze, but we were nervous about the Manila airport. It is ranked one of the worst in the world and we'd heard some horrible accounts from people who'd passed through there.


Stay tuned for stories from the Philippines in the next update!


Samantha Chappell