Canberra Part 2


11/9- 11/12 Canberra
A few more days in Canberra with our new friends Rogan and Isabell was nice, though we had a bit of an emergency while making a transfer to the bus when a redback widow spider got onto one of our bags. 

They're responsible for up to 10,000 bites a year, and before the introduction of an anti-venom many people died from their bites. They're much like the black-widow in the US, but their venom is more potent. Samantha tried to brush it off and it ran right into an open space where the handle goes down into the bag. At that point we didn't have too long before the bus was to arrive, and it was in a spot where we couldn't just squish it. There was no way I was going to load that bag onto the bus and lose track of it which would either endanger us or someone else. So, we got a couple of sticks and managed to eventually chase it out just before the bus came. While we don't normally squish spiders, I had to kill this one.

Unfortunately, Isabell came down with tonsillitis and was down for several days. But she had a bit of good news. She was contacted by undercover police and they had her SD card! Hopefully that means they'll get the other stuff back as well, but the officer said he couldn't say anything more due to the ongoing investigation.


We took a nice walk so that I could do some vocal exercises without bothering Isabell, and we discovered a beautiful botanical garden right across the road. Being spring there were a ton of flowers in bloom -which of course caused my hay fever to make a comeback. We also saw a couple of 'water-dragons' which were about the size of a large green iguana.


The Front was a great little venue with a cool group of people, and we were distinctly reminded of Portland. Unfortunately, they were very disorganized because of a personnel change and had double-booked the night. So I did a short set to a great crowd and did a full performance the next night instead. (lucky we were staying for three nights) The audience was smaller that night as there was nothing on the schedule, but we had a great time and a very special, intimate show. Those shows often have a lot of magic, and this time was no different. 


Then we were off at 6:00am again for another 8 hour train ride to Newcastle. Because it was so early we saw a lot of kangaroos hopping along outside the train.

Samantha Chappell